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Virtual Science Experience - Every Class has a paired toy product shipped to your home + a Zoom ID. 

Great for ages 4-10 years old. Classes are approximately 30 minutes.  


First Child $99, Additional Child $69 

Get 9 Virtual Classes and all toys included! See class list at bottom.

Drop-In $15 to any Virtual Class Session AB, or C.

Session C at 3:30PM EST Virtual Classes run through December 14th.

Session A at 3:30PM EST begins January 18th to March 15th 2022.

With your virtual classes are paired with a shipment with a large Hand-stamped Canvas Tote of Science Toys/Kits to extend your child's curiosity, exploration, and endless imaginative play; reinforcing the content of every class!

Shipments of the Science Toys will occur as soon as the package is purchased. Local orders will receive notifications of the delivery. Free Delivery or $6.95 for shipping.

Do you have a Budding Biologist, Future Physicist, or Mighty Meteorologist? This ultimate package of fun is an amazing way to introduce 9 Science concepts for your child at the ease and comfort of their own homes. By going virtual, children will have:

-Personalized sessions

-Weekly peer interaction

-Small Group learning

-Educational enrichment


The list of classes (with paired toy):

Session A:

1. Learn 2 Observe (Binoculars)

2. Zoom to the Moon (Moon Ball)

3. Bug Out & Bee Gone (Bug Tongs & Magnifying Jar)

4. All About Owl (Owl Pellet Kit) Note: (suggested) Please plan to purchase this drop-in class 1 week before this class date to do the dissection as a whole group. 

5. Snow Science (Magic Snow)

6. Rainbow of Colors (Prismatic Glux)

7. Geology Rocks (Magnetite Lodestone or Rocks of USA)

8. Liquid Science (Waterbeads)

9. Deep Sea Diver (Grow a Humpback)


Session B:

1. Static Science (Energy Ball),

2. Balance This (Balancing Bird),

3. Physics of Toys (GyroWheel),

4. Skeleton and Skin (Glowing Skeleton),

5. In a Cloud (Pet Tornado),

6. Fun with Fossils (Ammonite),

7. Sun in the Sky (Solar Glow Bead Bracelet),

8. Bouncy Ball Gravity (Bouncy Ball Kit),

9. Magnet Mania (Rattlesnake Egg Magnets)


Session C: 

1. Plant Power (Resurrection Fern)

2. Planet to Planet (Growing Jupiter)

3. Sound ON! (Sound Blaster)

4. Mass & Motion (Balloon Car Racer)

5. Heat it Up! (Color changing Glux)

6. Earth Explorers (Crystal Growing Volcano)

7. CSI Scientists (Squeezeable Scientist)

8. Rocket Rally (Space Shuttle Glider)

9. Nature of Science Secrets (Mystery Stick) 

Please send any questions to philanthrolab@gmail.com

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Amazing science lessons!

Our whole family loves Ms Stacy’s virtual science experience! It has nurtured a love for science in the kids and helped give them more tools to be inquisitive about the world around them.

Chaitan Bonjour
Love the Toys! Love the Learning

Thanks Ms. Stacey for the amazing toys that keep me and my family entertained every week. Each toy and lesson create a completely new area of interest for us and we're grateful to experience science this way every week. I'm very excited for the Mass & Motion lesson and have been experimenting and observing already. Thanks for helping me to love learning! Thanks - Chaitan

Leanna C
Love this

We love these classes and my son looks forward to them every single week! Throughout the week he is able to incorporate what he learned.

Lanie van der Horst
Virtual fun

My 6 year old begged me for a science camp this summer and she is thrilled that there was a virtual option. She looks forward to camp all week and loves that each class comes with a toy. She is remembering what she’s learned and teaches the rest of the family.

Awesome Science for Kids!

We attended some of the classes last Summer and this program was great in person and still awesome virtually. We are so glad it is offered in a virtual platform so we can learn and stay safe! Thank you!